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Using the selection basket to invalidate organisation’s mandates

For example, organisation can use the selection basket to invalidate all mandates granted to and received by a certain person, company, association or other organisation at one time. 

Follow these steps:

  1. Identify yourself in e-Authorizations.
  2. Select Company’s mandates as the service role.
  3. Start using the selection basket on the Granted mandates or the Received mandates page.
  4. Select the person on the list to invalidate the mandates which you granted to and received from them. You can filter the list using different search criteria.
  5. Put the party (the person you selected) into the selection basket. This will put all valid mandates you have granted and received and any mandate requests sent or received, in which the person in question is an assignor or assignee, into the selection basket.
  6. Go to invalidate mandates and check your selection.
  7. As you move forward, go to the normal mandate request view, where you can make changes to your selections.
  8. Finally, click on the Invalidate button.

Examples of organisational mandates page contains an example in which an accounting firm invalidates all mandates at the same time when the customer relationship ends.

Updated: 8/12/2022