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Preparing for exceptional situations

Everyone should be prepared for the event when everyday events are disrupted because of an accident or some exceptional circumstances. Preparedness is anticipating and practising for the circumstances where a risk actually occurs. In serious exceptional circumstances the authorities will not have time to help everybody immediately, but will focus their resources on helping those who most need help.

What are reserve supplies?

Reserve supplies means that there is always a little more food and other necessities than are needed for the next few days. In addition to food and water, important necessities are a torch, batteries, a battery operated radio, extra blankets, electric lights and toilet paper.

A good rule of thumb is that there is enough extra food for about a week. However, you should not buy it to hide it away, instead your stores should be renewed all the time. Replenish your stores by buying new items when the older food items have been eaten.

For example, you will need reserve supplies if there is a power failure or break in data services of long duration. Water supplies can be interrupted. A fire or wildfire may trap you in your house. A storm may blow trees down blocking the road.

Reserve supplies can be useful in ordinary life too. Something out of the ordinary could happen to you or to a member of your family. You might fall ill. The shop may be shut for some reason or it may not be able to receive food because of a distribution disruption.

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    Updated: 3/22/2019