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Volunteer activities

Everyone has the right to participate in volunteer activities, i.e. volunteering for activities that benefit individuals or communities without receiving compensation. The party organising volunteer activities may be a registered association, municipality, wellbeing services county, the State, a company, parish or other organisation.

For thousands of Finns, volunteering means taking part in meaningful activities, spending time with others and learning new skills. Volunteer activities are an important part of society and a significant driver of functional capacity, well-being and communality.

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How to participate in volunteering activities

Volunteer activities refers to public-interest activities, which do not generally involve any monetary compensation.

How to organise volunteer activities

Volunteer activities means unremunerated work carried out for the benefit of individual people or organisations.

Organising and participating in neighbourly work

Neighbourly work refers for example to helping relatives, friends or neighbours, participating in your housing company activities.

Fundraising and lotteries

Organisations operating on the basis of voluntary or neighbourly work may raise funds through their own work or by running lotteries et c.

Taxation of voluntary activities and allowances for related expenses

The taxation of voluntary activities or allowance for expenses is also often determined on a case-by-case basis.

Checklist for organisers of public events

Many public events require advance notification submitted to the competent authorities. Check from the list what is required to organise an event.