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Kela's benefits for the unemployed

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Kela ensures basic security for those who are unemployed by paying labour market subsidy and basic unemployment allowance.

Kela’s benefits for the unemployed are:

  • labour market subsidy
  • basic unemployment allowance
  • commuting and relocation allowance
  • job alternation compensation
  • transition security allowance

Kela offers support in various other situations as well. For more information, p ...

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The benefits provided by Kela are usually available on application only. You can also authorise another person to handle your matters for you. However, reimbursements of medical, pharmaceutical and travel expenses are available as direct on-the-spot reimbursements, with no application required.

You can apply for most benefits online using Kela’s OmaKela e-service. In OmaKela, you can also submit documents supporting your application and report changes, as well as check the status of your application and the payment dates for your benefits.

If you need help, call Kela’s customer service number or visit a Kela service point.

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Updated: 19/5/2023