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Guardianship and continuing power of attorney

You guardianship duties are ending

When will the child’s guardianship end?

Guardianship duties end when the child reaches the age of 18.

The guardianship may also end if the property of the minor permanently falls below 15,000 euros. Remember to notify the Digital and Population Data Services Agency of the matter. The agency makes a decision on the matter and removes your guardianship assignment from the register of guardianship affairs if there is an acceptable reason for the fall in the value of the property. After that, you are no longer accountable to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. However, you will remain the custodian of the child.

Updated: 18/1/2022

What obligations do I still have as a guardian?

When your guardianship duties end:

  • you must submit the final statement to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. The final statement is similar to an annual statement, but it covers only the period that is not covered by the last annual statement.
  • transfer the control of your child’s property to your child
  • give the receipts to your child if they want to see them

When your children reach the age of 18, you can no longer manage their affairs on their behalf.

A fee is charged for auditing the final statement. The fee depends on the income of your child. The Digital and Population Data Services Agency sends the final statement to the child for their information after the statement has been audited.

Updated: 18/1/2022
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