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Guardianship and continuing power of attorney

Applying for a guardian for yourself

Who will become my guardian?

A private person can be appointed as the guardian, or the task may be carried out by a public guardian who is not a friend or a family member of the client. A public guardian is generally a central government employee working in a guardianship office.

A person who is suitable for the task and has agreed to be a guardian may act as a private guardian. It is important that the person who decides to serve as a guardian has managed their own affairs, including finances, in a proper manner. A private guardian is often someone close to you, such as a family member, friend or relative.

Updated: 18/4/2023

How can I apply for a guardian?

You can apply for a guardian with the Digital and Population Data Services AgencyOpens in a new window.. Attach a medical statement on your state of health to your application.

You can propose a certain person or a public guardian as your guardian. If you propose a private person for the task, the consent given by the person in question must be attached to the application.

To apply for a guardian, you must understand what the appointment of a guardian means for you. 

You can also submit a free-form application for the appointment of a guardian to a District Court.

Updated: 18/4/2023

How does the processing of the matter progress?

After the application, an employee of the Digital and Population Data Services Agency will discuss matters related to guardianship with you. The discussion may take place in a service location of the agency or via a remote connection. If you wish, the agency may also ask for the opinion of your loved ones on the matter.

If the Digital and Population Data Services Agency concludes that you need a guardian, it will appoint a guardian to you. 

If the prerequisites for guardianship are not met, the agency will notify you of this. However, the guardian may still be appointed:

  • You can submit a free-form application to a District Court.
  • Situations may change and appointing a guardian may become necessary at a later stage. In that case, you should submit a new application.

The decision will be sent to you by mail, e-mail or Messages.    

Updated: 19/4/2023

Does guardianship cost money?

The appointment of a guardian is subject to a fee. If your earnings are below a certain limit, no fee will be charged. For details on the fee for appointment of a guardian, see the Digital and Population Data Services Agency's website.Opens in a new window.

During guardianship, costs are incurred from the audit fee for the annual statement submitted by the guardian. Additionally, the guardian can pay themselves a reasonable remuneration from your assets. The prices of the audit fee and the guardian’s remuneration depend on your assets, among other things. You can find information on the amount of the inspection fee and the guardian’s fee on the Digital and Population Data Services Agency's website.Opens in a new window.

Updated: 19/4/2023

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