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Agreement on terms and conditions of work and co-operation at workplaces

The employment contract that you make with your employer must comply with the collective agreement for the industry. The purpose of the Act on Co-operation in Undertakings Act is to promote good staff-employer relations and provide channels for staff to influence decisions that affect their work and workplaces.

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National and local agreement on terms and conditions of employment

A collective agreement is a general settlement concerning the minimum terms and conditions of employment in an industry or type of work.

What is an industrial dispute and how does it end?

Industrial disputes are strikes and locks.

Act on Co-operation in Undertakings (YT Act)

Co-operation between the employer and staff at workplaces is a statutory right and duty.

Co-operation negotiating periods

YT negotiations on dismissals, layoffs or reductions in regular working hours that affect fewer than ten employees must continue for at least 14 days.

Employee representation in workplace co-operation

The parties to co-operation are the employer and the employees.