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Regional state administration

The Regional State Administrative Agencies and the Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centres), which are steered by ministries, act as the regional administrative authorities of the state.

Regional State Administrative Agencies promote regional equality by carrying out executive, steering and supervisory tasks in their own geographical areas.

The tasks of the Regional State Administrative Agencies include

  • steering and supervision of social welfare and health care
  • steering and supervision of private social welfare and health care providers and the issuing of permits to these providers
  • licences for serving and retail sales of alcoholic beverages, supervision of the activities, and the prevention of the harmful effects of alcohol
  • supervision and development of occupational safety and health
  • permit and compensation matters under the Environmental Protection Act and the Water Act.

Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment promote regional development by managing the enforcement and development tasks of state administration in their own geographical areas. They promote the development of a good living environment and the competitiveness of industries.

The tasks of the ELY Centres include

  • advisory, financing and development services for enterprises
  • road maintenance, road projects, transport permits and licences, traffic safety, public transport and island traffic
  • employment-based subsidies and labour market training
  • environmental protection, steering of land use and construction, nature conservation, monitoring of the state of the environment, and use and management of water resources.

Other regional administrative authorities

Other regional administrative authorities include the regional councils, which function as statutory joint municipal authorities. They act as the regional development and planning authorities and in this role they also supervise the interests of the regions.

The State Department of Åland acts as the regional state administrative authority in the region of Åland.

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Updated: 27/10/2022