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Conclusion of marriage

The marriage can take place in a church or in a civil wedding ceremony. Before the ceremony, impediments to the marriage must have been examined. When you enter into a marriage, both of the spouses are granted a marital right to each other’s property. However, you can sign a prenuptial agreement if you want to specify that the property will be divided in some certain way when the marriage ends.

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Marriage affects your financial situation and benefits

Getting married will affect some practical things in your life.

How do you make a prenuptial agreement?

The spouses may restrict each other’s right to their personal property by means of a prenuptial agreement.

Marriage ceremony options

You can get married at a local register office, in a district court, in a church or on the premises of some other religious society.

Who can marry each other?

In certain cases, there may be impediments to concluding a marriage. For example, minors cannot marry.

Deciding on the surname in a marriage and cohabitation

Partners getting married and partners living in cohabitation have many options to choose from when deciding on their surname.

Marriages concluded abroad

If you get married abroad, your marriage is only official in Finland when it has been registered in Finland.