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Conclusion of marriage

Each couple may celebrate their marriage in their own way and style. Remember to take care of the official matters related to getting married:

  1. Decide which surnames you will take when you get married.
  2. Consider whether you want a prenuptial agreement.
  3. Request an examination of impediments to marriage from the Digital and Population Data Services Agency or the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland.
  4. Decide on the type and place of the wedding ceremony.

If you have got married abroad, register the marriage concluded abroad in the Digital and Population Data Service Agency.

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Who can marry each other?

In certain cases, there may be impediments to concluding a marriage. For example, minors cannot marry.

Where can we get married?

A marriage can be concluded in a civil or religious marriage ceremony.

How do you make a prenuptial agreement?

The spouses may restrict each other’s right to their personal property by means of a prenuptial agreement.