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Finnish Centre for Pensions


Our customers include employees, employers, the self-employed, earnings-related pension providers, authorities, political decision-makers, research and educational institutions and the media.

We give general advice on issues relating to earnings-related pensions. We also supervise and make sure employers and the self-employed have taken out earnings-related pension insurance. If necessary, we also decide if a person should fall subject to the Employees Pensions Act or the Self-employed Persons’ Pensions Act.

We are also an international liaison body. When people who live in Finland apply for pensions from abroad, we forward the applications to the countries in question if a pension is applied for from EU/EEA countries, Switzerland or countries with which Finland has a mutual social security agreement. In addition, we decide if people who work in EU/EEA countries or in countries with which Finland has a social security agreement should be covered by Finnish social security laws.

We do research, produce statistics, and administer the central registers of the earnings-related pension scheme. We also manage the pay-as-you-go pool of the pension providers. Finally, we offer planning, training and communication services and support law drafting.

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