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Vocational rehabilitation

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If your ability to work has been reduced, do something about it right away. Rehabilitation is the primary alternative when you have problems with your ability to work.

Pension providers arrange and support vocational rehabilitation (within the earnings-related pension scheme). Vocational rehabilitation may include, for example work try-outs, work counselling or training that leads to a new occupa ...

Do the following

If you meet the criteria for vocational rehabilitation, apply for rehabilitation from your own pension provider. You have to fill out the application form yourself. Attach Medical Statement B (filled out by your physician) to your application.

Check your own pension provider’s website to see if they have an online application service. You need your online banking credentials to log into the online application service.

You can also apply for vocational rehabilitation with a paper form or by filling out and printing an online form (2136).

To whom and on what terms

You have the right to vocational rehabilitation if you meet the following criteria:

  • you have not reached your retirement age,
  • you suffer from an illness or an injury that makes disability imminent within the next few years,
  • the threat of disability can be postponed or prevented with appropriate vocational rehabilitation,
  • your earnings for the five previous calendar years amount to at least 39,157.84 euros (at 2023 level),
  • you have earnings from work that have been insured under the earnings-related pension acts or you have taken care of your own child under the age of three during the last 36 months, and
  • you do not have the right to rehabilitation based on workers’ compensation or motor liability insurance.

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