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Pension record

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Check your pension record to see how your pension pot grows. The record shows from what work you have earned pension and how much pension you have accrued. Check your data regularly – for example, once a year. This is very important as your future pension is calculated based on the data on your pension record.

Your pension record shows the earnings for which you accrue pension:

  • private and public sector employment relationships
  • periods of self-employment
  • certain benefits for which pension accrues, for example, certain degrees or periods of taking care of your own children under the age of 3.

If you work in the private sector and have not selected to view your online pension record, you will get a printed pension record by post every third year. If you were born in 1962 or earlier, you will get the printed record every year. If you work for the private sector, you can check your pension record mainly through online service. The online pension record is more extensive as it includes the data of all insured work that you have done throughout your working life.

For a few years before you reach your retirement age, your pension record will show an assessment of the amount of your future pension.

Do the following

What should I do if I find errors on my pension record?

  • If the earnings you have received in 2019 or later are incorrect or missing, do the following: Contact the employer who paid your wages. Your employer will send the correct data to the Incomes Register. After that, the data on your pension record will be updated. If your employer is no longer operating or has gone bankrupt, contact your pension provider.

  • If the earnings you have received before 2019 are incorrect or missing, do the following: Request the pension provider who sent you the record to investigate the incorrect or missing data. The pension provider will investigate your employment data for the previous six years. For periods dating back further than six years you must present your pension provider with written proof (for example, an employment contract or payslips) of the existence of your employment and the amount of your earnings.

  • If your earnings for your public sector employment are incorrect or missing, do the following: If you discover errors in the data of your employment relationship with a local government, the State, the Evangelical-Lutheran Church, Kela, the Bank of Finland or a health and social services county, contact Keva. The six-year limit regarding the pension provider’s obligation to investigate does not apply to the public sector (that is, to Keva).

To whom and on what terms

If you are between 18 and 67 years old and you have worked in Finland and your work has been insured under the earnings-related pension acts, you can check your pension record online or order a printed copy of it.

The service is free of charge.

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