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Social security while you work abroad

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As a rule, if you work abroad, you no longer have a right to get social security benefits from Finland. This applies even if you still live in or pay your taxes to Finland.

However, the rule does not apply if you are:

• a posted employee or self-employed person,

• a public servant, or

• an employee or self-employed person who works in several countries on a regular basis.

More details on the conditions for the above categories: > Work and pension abroad > Insurance while working abroad > From finland abroad

For coverage under Finnish social security laws while working temporarily abroad, you must apply for coverage before you go abroad to work.

Send your application to the Finnish Centre for Pensions if you go abroad to work in:

• an EU/EEA country, Switzerland, or a social security agreement country:

o Australia,

o Canada,

o Chile,

o China,

o India,

o Israel,

o Quebec,

o South Korea, and

o USA.

If you go to work elsewhere, contact Kela.

More information on how to apply for social security coverage while you work abroad: > Pension services > Insurance while working abroad > Apply for an A1 certificate

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