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Organisations using Messages

List of organisations using Messages, and information about the organisation's services or topics where messages are used. 

The organisations that send messages to companies too can be found on the list marked with the letter “c”. 


City of Akaa: e-Services

Municipality of Alavieska: e-Services, open feedback channel

Municipality of Asikkala: e-Services

Municipality of Askola: e-Services


Municipality of Enonkoski: open feedback channel

City of Espoo: e-Services, early childhood education

Municipality of Eurajoki: e-Services

Municipality of Eura: e-Services, open feedback channel


Finnish Centre for Pensions: general pension advice

The Finnish Defence Forces: e-learning system

Finnish Student Health Services FCHS: communication after appointments

Municipality of Forssa: e-Services


Municipality of Haapajärvi: e-Services

City of Haapavesi: authorities’ decisions, open feedback channel

Municipality of Halsua: e-Services

Municipality of Hankasalmi: e-Services, Housing application, Termination of a lease, Application for morning and afternoon activities in basic education

Municipality of Hartola: e-Services

Municipality of Hausjärvi: e-Services

Hausjärvi Lutheran Church: Electronic order of parish register extract

City of Heinola: e-Services

Municipality of Heinävesi: e-Services

The hospital district of Southwest Finland: e-Services, Äitiysnetti – service for expectant mothers, patient ombudsmand

HUS: e-Services

Municipality of Hyrynsalmi: e-Services

Municipality of Hämeenkyrö: education


Municipality of Ii: e-Services

City of Iisalmi: e-Services

Municipality of Iitti: authorities’ decisions, feedback channel

Municipality of Inari: e-Services

Municipality of Isokyrö: e-Services


Municipality of Janakkala: e-Services

Joint municipal authority for Paimio-Sauvo health services: e-Services

Municipality of Juva: e-Services

City of Jämsä: document management system


Kai­nuu So­cial Wel­fa­re and Health Ca­re Joint Aut­ho­ri­ty: requests for information and client documents

City of Kalajoki: e-Services

Kallio, the joint municipal authority for basic services (Nivala, Ylivieska, Alavieska, Sievi): e-Services, open feedback channel, family services

City of Kankaanpää: e-Services

Municipality of Kannonkoski: daycare decisions

City of Kannus: e-Services

Karviainen, the joint municipal authority for basic services (Karkkila, Vihti): e-Services

Municipality of Kauhajoki: e-Services

City of Kauhava: document management system, authorities’ decisions

City of Kemijärvi: e-Services

Municipality of Kimitoön (Kemiönsaari): e-Services

Municipality of Kempele: e-Services

Kerava Lutheran Church: Electronic order of parish register extract

Municipality of Keuruu: e-Services

Municipality of Kihniö: e-Services

Municipality of Kittilä: e-Services

Municipality of Kolari: e-Services

Kolpene service centre’s joint municipal authority:

Municipality of Konnevesi: e-Services

Municipality of Korsnäs: e-messages

Municipality of Kuhmoinen: e-Services

City of Kuhmo: e-Services

Municipality of Kuortane: e-Services

City of Kurikka: e-Services

Municipality of Kärsämäki: e-Services


Lahti Lutheran Churches: Electronic order of parish register extract

Municipality of Laihia: e-Services

City of Laitila: e-Services

Municipality of Lapinlahti: e-Services

Municipality of Laihia: document management system, open feedback channel

Municipality of Laukaa: customer service

Municipality of Lemi: e-Services

Municipality of Lempäälä: e-Services

Municipality of Lieto: e-Services

Municipality of Liminka: e-Services

City of Lohja: document management system, family Center, Ikähelppi – service for the elderly, adult social work, family services, services for the disabled

City of Loimaa: e-Services

Municipality of Larsmo (Luoto): e-Services


Municipality of Malax: document management system, authorities’ decisions

Municipality of Masku: e-Services

Municipality of Merijärvi: e-Services

City of Mikkeli: e-Services

Ministry of Justice: Public legal aid office - Legal Aid Decision, documents from Distraint offices, Criminal records extracts

Municipality of Muhos: e-Services

Municipality of Mynämäki: e-Services

Municipality of Mäntsälä: e-Services, document management system, authorities’ decisions

Municipality of Mäntyharju: e-Services

Municipality of Nakkila: e-Services

National Land Survey of Finland: surveying documents

City of Nivala: e-Services

Northern Savo joint municipal authority SOTE: e-Services

Municipality of Nurmijärvi: Central administration e-Services

Nurmijärvi Lutheran Churches: Electronic order of parish register extract


City of Orimattila: e-Services

City of Orivesi: e-Services

City of Oulainen: e-Services


City of Paimio: document management system, open feedback channel

City of Pargas: e-Services

Municipality of Pelkosenniemi: e-Services

City of Perho: Housing application and termination of a lease, Application for daycare (including pre-school), e-Services

City of Pieksämäki: e-Services

Municipality of Pielavesi: e-Services

Municipality of Pihtipudas: document management system, open feedback channel

Police: e-Services

City of Pori: Wilma

Municipality of Pornainen: e-Services

Municipality of Posio: e-Services

City of Pudasjärvi: e-Services

Municipality of Punkalaidun: document management system, open feedback channel

Municipality of Puolanka: e-Services

Municipality of Puumala: e-Services

Municipality of Pyhtää: authorities’ decisions

Municipality of Pyhäjoki: e-Services

City of Pyhäjärvi: e-Services

Municipality of Pyhäranta: e-Services

Municipality of Pälkäne: e-Services

Municipality of Pöytyä: e-Services


Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority in Finland: requests for information

City of Rauma: registrar's office, social and health services, environmental and permit services, educational and cultural services, technical services, Service point Pyyrman, information requests from the archives

Municipality of Rautalampi: e-Services

Municipality of Rautjärvi: e-Services

Local Register Offices: card of information for elections

City of Riihimäki: e-Services

Municipality of Ruokolahti: e-Services

Municipality of Ruovesi: e-Services


City of Saarijärvi: e-Services

Saarikka, the joint enterprise for basic services (Kannonkoski, Karstula, Kivijärvi, Kyyjärvi, Saarijärvi): e-Services

City of Salo: open feedback channel

City of Sastamala: e-Services

Municipality of Sauvo: e-Services

Municipality of Savitaipale: e-Services

City of Savonlinna: e-Services

City of Seinäjoki: early childhood education and pre-school education

Seinäjoki Lutheran Church: electronic order of parish register extract

Municipality of Sievi: e-Services

Municipality of Siikajoki: e-Services

Municipality of Siikalatva: e-Services

Municipality of Siilinjärvi: authorities’ decisions, open feedback channel

Municipality of Simo: e-Services

Municipality of Sipoo: e-Services

Municipality of Sonkajärvi: e-Services

Social welfare ombudsman – Hyvinkää, Karkkila, Lohja, Mäntsälä, Pornainen, Siuntio ja Vihti (Sosiaalitaito Oy): contact to ombudsman

Social welfare ombudsman – Middle Finland (Social competence centre Koske): contact to ombudsman

Social welfare and patient ombudsman – Koski Tl, Kustavi, Laitila, Lieto, Raisio, Rusko, Somero, Taivassalo, Uusikaupunki ja Vehmaa (Social competence centre Vasso): contact to social welfare ombudsman, contact to patient ombudsman

Social welfare ombudsman – Akaa, Urjala, Hattula, Hämeenlinna, Janakkala, Hausjärvi, Loppi ja Riihimäki (Social competence centre Pikassos): contact to ombudsman

Municipality of Sotkamo: e-Services

South Savo Regional Council: document management system

State Treasury: Compensations for Military Accidents, Compensations for Crime Damages, Compensations for Occupational accidents and diseases

Municipality of Sulkava: document management system, open feedback channel

Municipality of Suomussalmi: e-Services


Municipality of Taipalsaari: e-Services

Municipality of Tammela: e-Services

City of Tampere: patient ombudsman (Tampere, Orivesi, Kangasala, Pälkäne), social welfare ombudsman (Tampere, Orivesi, Kangasala, Pälkäne, Pirkkala, Vesilahti, Lempäälä, Nokia, Ylöjärvi, Valkeakoski)

Tax administration: MyTax,

TE-services: Labour policy statement

Municipality of Tohmajärvi: e-Services, document management system

Trafi (Finnish Transport Safety Agency): digital notifications of driving licences, digital notifications of vehicle tax

Municipality of Tuusula: e-Services

Municipality of Tyrnävä: e-Services


City of Ulvila: e-Services

University of Turku: Sending reviewed entrance exams to applicants

Municipality of Utajärvi: e-Services

Municipality of Utsjoki: e-Services


Municipality of Vaala: e-Services

Vaalijala joint municipal authority: e-Services

City of Valkeakoski: e-Services

Valteri, national Centre for Learning and Consulting, Ruskis School: Ruskis Extranet

Municipality of Valtimo: e-Services

City of Vantaa: daycare decisions, child protection services

Vantaa Lutheran Churches: Electronic order of parish register extract

Municipality of Vesanto: e-Services

Municipality of Veteli: administration, technical services, educational services

Municipality of Vihti: document management syste

City of Viitasaari: e-Services


Municipality of Ylitornio: e-Services

City of Ylöjärvi: document management system


Municipality of Äänekoski: e-Services