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Information on messages Messages is a reliable way to communicate with authorities and other organisations that use the service. 

When you activate Messages, all mail from organisations using Messages will be sent to you electronically. You will receive all information on decisions and other documents, such as invoices and appointments through Messages. 

You can also send messages and attachments to organisations that have adopted the service.  Please note that all authorities have not yet adopted the service. See which organisations have introduced Messages.

The use of messages is secure because all messages and their attachments are transferred in encrypted form via a route that is information secure. The user is identified with strong identification. Messages can be used also in the mobile app. 

Advice for using Messages:

Public Service Info 

See also the instructions provided by different organisations. There you can find more information about the use of Messages.

Activate Messages

Technical requirements

You can use Messages on a computer or a mobile device with a web browser and internet connection. We recommend that you use the most common browsers and the  latest browser versions. Messages can also be used on mobile applications that you can download to Android and iOS devices in an App Store. You can find the application under

More information for organizations

The use of e-services is safe, and your privacy is protected after you have logged in.  Public administration organisations can find more information on Messages on the Messages page in Service Management (In Finnish and Swedish)Opens in a new window..