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What should I do?

My personal data has been stolen or leaked

Make the necessary blocks

Protect yourself from any misuse

Once your personal data has been leaked online or ended up in criminal hands, it may be used to commit identity theft or fraud.

However, you can prevent abuse yourself by means of blocks. Consider prohibitions especially when your personal identity code is leaked.

Updated: 14/6/2021

Consider taking out a credit ban

You can place a self-imposed credit ban in the Tax Administration's Positive credit register. The Tax Administration's service is free of charge.

Two companies offer voluntary credit bans as a paid service:

To ensure the comprehensiveness of your credit ban, it is good to use the Tax Administration’s service and both paid services at the same time.

Updated: 10/4/2024

Submit a contact information disclosure ban

When you prohibit the disclosure of your contact information from various registers, you will prevent any third parties from obtaining your information from any address and contact information services.

Non-disclosure of contact details with the Digital and Population Data Services Agency

File an address information disclosure ban with your teleoperators

Block notification of change of address

You should prevent the submission of any change of address notifications to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency’s Population Information System and Posti, the Finnish postal service. Block both. When you have a valid block, no one can make a change of address in your name.

Block a notification of move with the Digital and Population Data Services Agency

Moving Protection and Light Moving Protection with Posti

Prohibit registration in PRH registers

Updated: 14/6/2021

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