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What should I do?

My personal data has been stolen or leaked

Determine your situation

Take action one thing at a time

If your personal data has ended up in the hands of any unauthorized parties, you must act immediately. This can reduce potential financial damage.

Focus on one thing at a time instead of everything at the same time.

Updated: 23/2/2024

Find out what data was stolen or leaked

Try to find out what data on you has ended up in the wrong hands.

This will help you determine

  • what the possible consequences could be
  • what you should do.
Updated: 11/1/2022

How can my data be misused?

  • Your address, personal identity code and name can be used for fraudulent purposes, e.g. making purchases at your expense.
  • Your banking and credit card information can be used to make unauthorised purchases.
  • If someone gains access to your email, Facebook, or other web service password, they can use it to impersonate you.
  • If sensitive information, such as your patient data, is stolen from you, it can be used to blackmail.
Updated: 9/2/2022

Where can I get support for coping with the situation?

If you feel overwhelmed by the situation, you can always seek help.

Updated: 27/12/2022

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