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Forms of enterprise

Compare the forms of enterprise (company types) and choose the one that best suits your business needs. If you intend to start up alone, you could choose to operate under a trade name, start a limited liability company or form a cooperative. A general or limited partnership would require at least two parties to establish the business.

Also take advantage of the Business planner wizard and the Business start-up wizard. They are easy-to-use tools which give you check-lists of matters that you need to consider before you launch the business activities and matters that are obligatory when you are setting up a business. 

Choosing the form of business and company registration

Select the most appropriate company form for your business. Register your company in the Trade Register and the Tax Administration registers.

Private entrepreneurs

As a private entrepreneur, you can easily engage in small-scale business activities mainly based on your own work input.

Limited liability company

A limited liability company is suitable for all kinds of entrepreneurial activities, although it is not the lightest company form.


A cooperative is particularly suitable for collaborative entrepreneurship, regardless of the sector.

General partnerships and limited partnerships

A general partnership and a limited partnership are, in many ways, similar forms of business. In principle, they are set up the same way.