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Launching business operations

Choose for your company a name that is relevant to your business and satisfies the official requirements. Also acquire pension insurance for a self-employed person, the mandatory insurance arrangements for your industry and any voluntary insurance policies you may want. Your company will also need its own bank account and possibly also separate premises.

Also take advantage of the Business start-up wizard. It is an easy-to-use tool which gives you a check-list of matters that are obligatory when you are setting up a business.

You can get free of charge advice for starting a business at

Insurance for entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur you must take out pension insurance for self-employed persons and the mandatory insurance for your industry.

The company's bank account

You need a separate bank account for your company. When opening the account, be prepared to provide all the required documents related to your company.

Company name

Your company’s name must satisfy the legal requirements and be relevant to the business. You can also use an auxiliary or a parallel business name.

Business premises

Even small companies often have separate premises. You can get premises for your company by renting or buying a set of rooms or a property.