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Securing an entrepreneur’s livelihood

At the start of your entrepreneurship, you can apply for start-up assistance from the TE Office, which will secure your livelihood while the income from your business is still limited. If you start business activities when unemployed, you have the right to receive unemployment benefits for the first four months of your entrepreneurship. Your business income will be adjusted to your unemployment benefits. However, you cannot receive unemployment benefits and a start-up grant at the same time.

Otherwise you can ensure your livelihood as an entrepreneur mainly through the same benefits as wage earners. If you become unemployed, you can receive an unemployment allowance or labour market subsidy. Or if you fall ill, you can apply for a daily sickness allowance. If you make the transition from a wage earner to an entrepreneur or vice versa, you should also join the correct unemployment fund. You may notice that your benefits will change.

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As an entrepreneur, you have access to the same unemployment benefits as wage earners.

Entrepreneur’s parental benefits

Entrepreneurs have access to the same parental benefits as wage earners. However, you cannot engage in business while receiving certain benefits.

Entrepreneur's sickness allowance

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From a wage earner to an entrepreneur

Transition from a wage-earner to an entrepreneur often affects your benefits as well as those of your family, such as unemployment security.

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Transition from an entrepreneur to a wage earner will affect your life at many levels. Get ready for your new role as a wage earner and take care of your unemployment security.