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Diverse working community

More and more work communities have employees of different ages who think in different ways and come from different backgrounds. The employer is responsible for making sure that different groups of people can work in the same workplace without discrimination.

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Equality and non-discrimination in the workplace

Your company must promote equality among its employees and prevent discrimination.

Employees of different ages

Take into account the different needs and skills of employees of different ages who are at different stages in their careers.

Family leave and family-friendliness

It is best to agree on shared workplace practices regarding family leave.

Gender equality at the workplace

Your company must promote gender equality and equality for sexual and gender minorities.

Multicultural working communities

Take into account your employees’ different backgrounds in your company’s strategy and practical operations.

Partially disabled and disabled employees

An employee’s work ability may be reduced temporarily or permanently, for example, because of an illness, a disability or a crisis in their life.