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Employer’s responsibilities and obligations

Being an employer involves various responsibilities and obligations. You must submit wage-based notifications to various authorities, purchase insurance for your employees and see to the payment of employer contributions.

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Collective agreements

Collective agreements specify the terms and conditions with which your company’s employment contracts and employment relationships must comply.

Registering as an employer

Register your company in the Employer Register, if you pay salaries to at least two permanent employees or at least six temporary employees.

The employer's statutory insurances

Purchase statutory insurances for your employees and see to it that they are paid on time and you submit any related notifications.

Prepayment of taxes, health insurance and unemployment insurance contributions

Deduct a prepayment of taxes from the salaries and pay your employer’s health insurance contributions and unemployment contributions with these.

Posted workers

If your company posts worker abroad, or your company receives workers who have been posted from abroad, see to all the necessary procedures.

Work performed as an outsourced service

Your company may expand its area of expertise and focus on its core competence by commissioning work or using subcontractors.