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Financial aid and social benefits of students with families

Studying or working part-time during the parental leave will not affect your parental allowance. Students with families are entitled to family benefits from Kela. Full-time students are entitled to a provider supplement to their student financial aid. A family with children may receive a higher amount of housing allowance. Grandparents or other family and friends can also get child home care subsidy for caring for the child. 

If having a family slows down your studies or prevents you from studying for some time, you should stop taking out your student financial aid. Educational institutions support parents who study by being flexible. Many kinds of advice and other support is available to families with children.

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Studying during parental leave

You can interrupt or continue your studies during parental leave. Alternative ways of completing studies are also possible.

Financial aid for students with a family

Students with a family are entitled to Kela’s benefits to families with children and to student financial aid.

Childcare and coping of parents who study

Students get many kinds of support for reconciling their studies and family life and for their own coping.