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Preparatory preschool education

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Preparatory preschool education (valmistava esiopetus) is intended for 7-year-old children who do not yet speak Finnish well enough. Preparatory preschool education strengthens the child’s skills in Finnish in order to make their transition to school easier.

Before you apply for a place in preparatory preschool education for your child, you must enrol your child in preschool (esiopetus).

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Background information

Children in the pre-primary education age, or 6 years, participate in pre-primary education organised by the municipality. Those 7-year-olds whose school attendance has been postponed also participate in pre-primary education. It can additionally be attended by 5-year-olds to whom a decision on extended compulsory education has been issued.

The children receive pre-primary education for four hours every morning. During this time, a lunch is served to the children.

Under the Basic Education Act, participation in pre-primary education is mandatory. A child’s guardian is responsible for ensuring that the child participates in pre-primary education or activities that meet its objectives during the school year that precedes the start of compulsory education.

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