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Mental health and substance abuse nurse’s appointment

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If you are burdened by anxiety, insomnia, a life crisis or a risk of excessive substance abuse, you can come to a nurse’s appointment to receive help for your situation. Public health nurses specialising in mental health and substance abuse work together with a doctor. You can also ask a nurse for advice if you are worried about the substance use of someone close to you.

The treatment period i ...

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To whom and on what terms

Age 18 or older, assessment of care needs by a doctor or a nurse

The service is only for citizens of Helsinki.

Background information

Mental health services refer to activities that aim to prevent, alleviate and treat mental health disorders and their consequences. Mental health services also include preventive work and developing the living conditions of residents to support their mental health.

In practice, mental health services refer to the examination and treatment mental health disorders and the related rehabilitative practices. These services also include guidance, counselling and psychosocial support for those who need them. Mental health services are provided in social services, in primary health care, for example in health and social services centres, and in specialised psychiatric care as outpatient or hospital care.

The service is provided by

City of Helsinki

Responsible for the service

The Social Services, Health Care and Rescue Services Division, City of Helsinki
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Updated: 7/6/2023