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Health check-ups for seniors

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If you are on an old-age pension, you are entitled to a health check-up for seniors.

An online health check can chart your general state of health. You can carry out the check-up via the Omaolo health and well-being service.

Fill out a health check in the Omaolo service. If the check presents that you have an elevated health risk, you can send the results to your health station and they will contact you.

Follow these steps:

1 Carry out a health check in the Omaolo service at a convenient time.

  1. Omaolo will give you further instructions based on your results.

The electronic health check is free of charge.

If you are unable to use the Omaolo service, please contact your local health station by phone.

Background information

Anyone who finds or suspects that their health or functional capacity have deteriorated with age can contact the health centre about a health check for an older person. In addition to a basic check, the older person’s memory, functional capacity, alertness and capacity to cope independently can be examined as part of the health check.

If the health check indicates that the older person needs support for living at home or temporary or permanent care outside the home, the doctor will refer him or her to an assessment of service needs. Social welfare service experts work together with the older person and their family and friends to establish how the necessary services can be organised.

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Updated: 20/5/2022