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Basic education for grades 1–6

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In grades 1 through 6, pupils have their own class teacher who teaches them most of the subjects. Pupils have the right to receive instruction in line with the national curriculum on each school day throughout the year. In each grade, subjects are taught and studied in accordance with the number and distribution of lesson hours and objectives stated in the national curriculum. Assessment is done per subject for each school year

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The service is free of charge.

Background information

Basic education is education delivered in accordance to a curriculum that supports the pupils’ growth as human beings and members of society and teaches them the knowledge and skills they need. It confers every pupil the same eligibility for upper secondary education.

Compulsory education applies to children who are permanent residents in Finland in the year in which they turn seven years old. Compulsory education ends when the children have completed the basic education syllabus or ten years have passed since they started in compulsory education. The period of compulsory education may be extended due to a disability or illness. Adults may complete the basic education syllabus for example at a general upper secondary school for adults, a folk high school or an adult education centre.

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