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Information on e-Authorizations

In e-Authorizations, private persons, companies and associations can grant mandates to persons, companies or organisations to act on their behalf. 

A mandate is an electronic power of attorney, the details of which are entered in the authorisation register. When you want to act on behalf of someone else in a service that uses e-Authorizations, your eligibility to do so will be checked from the authorisation register. 

In Suomi-fi e-Authorizations you will see

  • all the mandates granted and received
  • sent and received mandate requests
  • the mandates that have expired or have been invalidated prior to expiry
  • the company's mandates that are awaiting validation from other persons entitled to represent. contains general instructions on the granting of and request for mandates and information on the use of e-services with e-Authorizations. Also see the instructions provided by different e-services. They provide more information about the use of e-Authorizations in the service in question.

For assistance in the use of e-Authorizations please contact:

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