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Information on e-Authorizations

In e-Authorizations you can authorise the person or company you wish to.  You can also request a mandate to act on behalf of another person or a company.

In e-Authorizations you will see

  • all the mandates granted and received
  • the mandate requests submitted and received that are only valid when validated
  • the mandates that have expired or have been invalidated prior to expiry.

If you wish to act on behalf of another part, your eligibility to do so will be checked in e-Authorizations. The organisations that use e-Authorizations themselves choose whether the electronic mandates should only be available for e-services or can also be used, for example, in service locations.  

You should always log into e-services using your personal identifier, i.e. as yourself.  If you have the right to act on behalf of a company or a person you should always first choose the party on behalf of whom you wish to act. If you wish to act on behalf of a private entrepreneur, select the acting for a company option. 

Advice for using e-Authorizations: Public Service Info

See also the instructions provided by different e-services. There you can find more information about the use of e-Authorizations in the service in question.

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