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ID card issued by the Police

An ID card issued by the Police is a document with a photograph and can be used to reliably identify a Finnish citizen. The Police may also issue an ID card to a foreigner permanently resident in Finland in the following cases: the person has been entered in the Finnish Population Information System and has a valid residence permit or residence card, or their right of residence has been registered.

The ID card is also a certificate card, which means that its microchip contains the Citizen Certificate, which can be used to prove identity in electronic transactions.

Applying for an ID card often requires a personal visit to a Police permit point. You can also apply for an ID card electronically, but logging into the e-service of the Police requires strong identification.

Instructions for applying for an ID card for a Finnish citizen

Instructions for applying for an ID card for a foreigner who is permanently resident in FinlandOpens in a new window.

For the Certificate to be used for e-services it first has to be activated. 

Activation of the Citizen certificate – dvv.fiOpens in a new window.

Updated: 1/11/2022