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Licenses and notifications required of foreign entrepreneurs

A foreign employee and entrepreneur need a permit to work and act as an entrepreneur in Finland.

When you are setting up your company, find out what permits or licences you need to apply for, in what registers you should enter your company, what notifications you have submit.

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Nordic citizens’ permits and notifications

If you are a Nordic citizen and you are moving to Finland, register at the Local Register Office. You do not need a separate residence permit to Finland.

EU citizens’ permits and notifications

If you are a citizen of an EU Member State, Liechtenstein, or Switzerland, and are moving to Finland permanently, you must register with the Finnish Immigration Service and the Local Register Office.

Permits and notifications for non-EU citizens

If you are a citizen of a non-EU country and are moving to Finland to become an entrepreneur, you need a residence permit for an entrepreneur, an employed person, or a start-up entrepreneur.

Temporary operations of a foreign company

Your foreign company may operate in Finland temporarily without a permanent establishment. In this case, the company will typically not need to pay all its taxes in Finland.

Permits of the Finnish Patent and Registration Office for people living abroad

If you do not live in the European Economic Area, you may need a separate permit for engaging in your trade or holding managerial or other positions of responsibility in your company in Finland.

Information for EU-citizens in Your Europe portal

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