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Studies or practical training abroad

You can go abroad for an exchange or practical training, if you are a student at a Finnish vocational education and training institution, upper secondary school, university of applied sciences or university. If you so wish, you can also complete your entire qualification or degree at an educational institution in a foreign country. Studies in a foreign country are not always more expensive than in Finland but getting accustomed to the local way of life may take some time.

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Studies and traineeships abroad as a secondary school student

A secondary school student can go abroad as an exchange student. Students at vocational schools may also go abroad for traineeships.

Studies or practical training abroad as a higher education student

You can complete a higher education degree or its parts abroad. You can also go abroad for practical training.

Day-to-day life of a student studying in a foreign country

Student life in a abroad often differ somewhat from what it is like in Finland. Even so, people’s basic needs from housing to income are the same.