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Allowances and rights for people with disabilities

Municipalities are responsible for providing the services required by the disabled and for helping disabled people to cope in their home environment. These special services include, for example, transport service, home alteration work, interpretation serices and a personal assistant. The purpose of these services is to help disabled people to participate in the society’s activities and facilitate life with a disability.

People with disabilities are provided with a personal service plan about the services and support they require.

A decision will be made on the services. You can appeal against the decision if you are not happy with the services provided to you.

Disability benefits from Kela

The purpose of disability benefits is to strengthen the autonomy and quality of life of people with disabilities or long-term illnesses. The allowance is intended as financial compensation if a disability causes special costs or the need for help.

Disability allowance is paid to disabled persons who are not retired. Two kinds of disability allowance are available: the disability allowance for persons under 16 years and the disability allowance for persons aged 16 or over. Disabled persons who are retired are not entitled to disability allowance  but instead they can apply for care allowance for pensioners.

You can apply for disability benefits from Kela who also gives you advice on how to apply for it.

In addition to disability benefits, informal care support and special services may be available from your home municipality.

Disability card

The disability card is a communications tool. People with disabilities can use the card to explain that they need to be accompanied by an assistant or need more time for managing their issues. It is a good idea to carry the card when using public transport or visiting sports and cultural events, for example. The disability card does not entitle users to social benefits.

The disability card is valid in Finland and the EU Member States that have taken the card into use. 

You can apply for the disability card at Kela. No separate decision is required for applying for the disability card. You can apply for it with an official decision already granted to you. These include Kela’s disability benefit or a decision based on the Act on Disability Services and Assistance. Not all people with disabilities can get the card. The card costs EUR 10.

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Updated: 3/30/2020