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School travel and school transportation

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Students in basic education can get a free-of-charge schoolchildren’s travel card, if the travel between home and the local school exceeds five kilometers. Students needing special support are entitled to the school transportation benefit in grades 1-6, if the travel between home and the local school exceeds three kilometers. School transportation may also be required if the travel between home and school is dangerous or because of health reasons.

The school transportation benefit is only applied to the local school specified by the municipality. A student participating in weighted-curriculum education is, however, entitled to a schoolchild's travel card, if the grounds for granting the school transportation benefit are fulfilled as regards both the local school and the school that provides the weighted-curriculum education.

School transportation is primarily arranged by public modes of transport, in which case the student receives a free-of-charge schoolchild's travel card. The travelcard can be downloaded at Vantaa Infos.

In exceptional cases, however, taxi transportation can be arranged, if it is not possible for the student to walk or take public transportation. The student can also travel to one direction by taxi and to the other direction by public modes of transport.

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