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Prescription renewal

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You can easily renew your prescription online via the MyKanta service or by requesting a prescription renewal through your health center.

An electronic prescription can be renewed not only through the MyKanta service or your own health center, but also through the pharmacy, in which case the pharmacy forwards the renewal request to the health center. The pharmacy may charge a fee for forwarding t ...

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Background information

Prescription renewal requests must always be submitted to the unit where the patient was treated. A doctor’s appointment may be required to renew the prescription. When renewing a prescription, the doctor must check that the medicine is compatible with any other medications used by the patient.

You can request the renewal of your prescription during a doctor’s appointment, at a pharmacy, in Kela’s MyKanta online service, or by contacting your local health and social services centre. If there are no problems with the renewal, it will be completed within eight days.

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Updated: 12/2/2024