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Kokkola health care centre

  • Telephone service

You can leave a request to be called back. A professional in Soite will call you the same day.

We ask our customers to prepare themselves for the call e.g. by taking out their current list of medications and by thinking of a description of the symptoms, so that we are able to guarantee good service, the place of care that you need and enough time for your appointment.

Telephone number

You can leave a request to be called back. We will call you back the same day.
+358 68287310 
(free of charge)
Team 1. A-J
+358 68287311 
(free of charge)
Team 2. K-O
+358 68287312 
(free of charge)
Team 3. P-Ö
+358 68287313 
(free of charge)

Service hours

Monday-Friday 8.00–16.00


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Updated: 6/9/2023