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Non-money prize machine licence

  • Permit or other obligation
  • Nationwide
  • Public service

Non-money prize machines are game machines or gaming devices from which players can win non-monetary prizes. The prizes are held inside the machine and given to winners directly from the machine.

Do the following

Applications for non-money prize machine licences must be made in writing to the local police department.

Licence applications must be accompanied by the following documents:

- An annual report or other proof of the applicant having engaged in activities that promote their chosen cause.

- Proof of a decision concerning the making available of a non-money prize machine. This refers to an extract from the minutes of the meeting that decided on making a non-money prize machine available, or on continuing these operations.

- A copy of the most recent adopted financial statements. Financial statements must also include an auditor’s report.

- A copy of the rules of the association or foundation.

- An extract from the Register of Associations, the Register of Foundations or the Trade Register/an extract from a register maintained by a public organisation. The extract must not be more than three months old, calculated from the date of the licence application.

- A copy of the approval of the payment-monitoring device in the non-money prize machine, or a similar certificate.

You can apply for the non-money prize machine licence using a printable form from the police website. You can also make an application at a police station.

Visit the police website for more information on the non-money prize machine licence.

To whom and on what terms

Keeping non-money prize machines available is subject to a licence. A licence for a non-money prize machine can be granted to an association or foundation for public-benefit purposes. The profit from the machine must be used for public-benefit purposes. The licence can be granted for a maximum of two years. If you wish to continue keeping the machine, you must submit a new licence application.

You must draw up an account on the non-money prize machine operations. The account is given each licensing period to the police department that issued the licence, within one month of the end of the licensing period. If the applicant has a previous licence for a non-money prize machine, a new licence will not be granted if the accounts have been neglected.

A fee is charged for the service.

The fee is based on a decree of the Ministry of the Interior on the payment for police services. The decree is periodically updated.

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