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The police are tasked with:

- upholding social order and the judicial system;

- maintaining public order and safety; and

- preventing and investigating crime, and referring investigated offences to a prosecutor for consideration of charges.

To maintain safety, the police work in partnership with other authorities, and local organisations and residents. The police will also perform such other duties as are separately provided for them by law, and provide anyone with assistance if it falls within their area of responsibility.

In partnership with other organisations, the police will draw up security plans, which improve everyday safety, reduce and prevent crime and disturbances and contribute towards the creation of a safe and comfortable local environment.

Every year, the police issue approximately 900,000 permits and licences, mainly passports, firearms permits, and identity cards.

Police powers and the key principles of police work have largely been defined in the following acts: Police Act, Coercive Measures Act and Criminal Investigation Act. In the provisions on police powers, account has been taken of human rights and fundamental freedoms, and of the fact that the Finnish police should have enough scope to work effectively with international partners in the fight against crime. In addition to legislation, police operations are guided by police ethics and the citizens' expectations.

an organisation, the Police are subject to performance guidance, which includes a performance plan with annually approved priorities and targets

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