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Inspection of the safety of firearms and ammunition

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The National Police Board’s Firearms Administration carries out a general inspection, test firing and post-test-firing inspection of each firearm in accordance with an international inspection organisation’s method or another similar method. The inspections are cross-checked by signatory states and no inspection is required if the firearm or cartridges have already been inspected in one of the mem ...

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Before selling, the firearms and loaded ammunition of firearms must be submitted for inspection and approval to the National Police Board’s Firearms Administration. For more information on the inspection and approval, please contact or the police helpline by telephone.

The person submitting the firearm or ammunition for inspection has the right to request and receive a separate certificate of inspection.

To whom and on what terms

Firearms and cartridges manufactured, repaired or transferred and imported to Finland must be inspected before they are placed on the market or otherwise assigned, in order to verify their safe use as specified in the government decree. The inspection obligation does not apply to firearms and cartridges that are valuable in terms of collecting and that are manufactured, repaired, transferred or imported to Finland for the purpose of keeping them in a museum or collection.

A private manufacturing permit may include a condition that firearms manufactured for their own use must also be inspected for operational safety.

A firearm or cartridge that has not been approved in an inspection must not be kept for sale or otherwise assigned.


In order to verify operational safety, firearms and loaded ammunition of firearms must be inspected and approved prior to sale in accordance with the regulation on the inspection of firearms and ammunition.

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Updated: 28/3/2024