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Import clearance services for individual customers - e-service

Responsible for the service: Finnish Customs

When receiving a gift or other consignment from outside the EU or within the EU's customs territory, but outside the fiscal territory of the EU, you must usually submit a customs clearance for the consignment and pay import duties. If the consignment must be cleared through Customs, you will be notified by Posti or the courier company.

Select the suitable customs clearance method:

• Clear your goods online with the import clearance services of Customs. The service is free of charge and always available. If you are unable to or do not wish to use the service, you can authorise another person to submit the online customs clearance on your behalf.

• Buy the customs clearance as a service from a forwarding agency or Posti. Please contact your courier for instructions and more information.

• Clear your goods at a customs office.

Submit the customs clearance and pay possible duties within the time announced by the courier company. Otherwise the courier will return your consignment to the consignor.

Area: nationwide

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Opening hours

Open 24 hours a day.

In what services can I use this channel?

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