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Declaring a vehicle purchased abroad

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You must clear a vehicle through customs when importing it from outside the EU or from within the customs territory of the EU but from outside its fiscal territory. You can clear the vehicle in the Customs Import Declaration Service for private persons.

In connection to the importation, you must pay the possible VAT and customs duty for the vehicle.

Do the following

Complete the customs clearance for the vehicle in the Import Declaration Service for private persons. You will find your customs clearance and release decisions in the "My customs clearance" section of the service for 90 days. It is a good idea to print the release decision for registration, for example.

You can only use a vehicle that has a valid registration in an EU or EEA country or if an inspection site has issued a transfer permit for the vehicle and it has a valid motor liability insurance. If you need a transfer permit, apply for it in advance at an inspection site. You need the vehicle’s identification details (production number) in order to apply for the permit. All inspection sites are listed on Traficom’s website.

Submit the declaration of use and car tax return to the Tax Administration. Further information is provided by the Tax Administration.

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