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Assessment and reports in basic education

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Assessment is a whole that consists of more than giving grades and reports. Providing constructive and guiding feedback helps pupils understand about their own learning and identify their strengths. In addition to continuous, guiding feedback, pupils receive two intermediate reports during the school year and a school year report at the end of spring. One of the intermediate reports is an assessment discussion and the other is a written intermediate report. The assessment discussion is a joint meeting for the pupil, guardian(s), and teacher. The focus in these discussions is on hearing the thoughts and opinions of the child/young person regarding their own life at school. The discussion provides an opportunity to discuss together the issues related to the child’s or young person’s growth, development and learning, and abilities required for school in general.

At the end of each school year, pupils get a school year report that provides a performance assessment for the entire school year. In grades 1-3, intermediate and year reports use verbal assessment, and in grades 4-9 pupils are assessed by grading.

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