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Employment Fund

The Employment Fund acts as a part of the Finnish social security system. The Employment Fund determines and collects the unemployment insurance contributions, which for example are used for funding earnings related unemployment benefits. In addition, the Employment Fund supports the professional ability and competence development of adults by funding and granting adult education allowances and scholarships for qualified employees.

The Employment Fund also determines and collects the employer’s unemployment benefit liability components and acts as an expert on compensations and unemployment allowance’s reconciliations in disputes concerning the termination of an employment relationship. The Fund also provides advice to its customers in matters concerning its remit and contributes to changes to legislation in its sector.

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Itämerenkatu 11-13
00180 Helsinki

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Business ID: 1098099-7

+358 968037380 
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Unemployment insurance contributions
+358 757570500 
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Benefits for adult students
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P.O. Box 113
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