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Applying for training compensation

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The purpose of the training compensation is to improve the employer's opportunities to provide training that promotes the professional competence of their employees. The amount of the training compensation is 10 per cent of the wage and salary costs, which are the basis for the training compensation.

Do the following

Please use the service for unemployment insurance contributions to apply for the training compensation.

To whom and on what terms

Employers, who are not eligible for the tax authority’s training deduction, can apply for training compensation. Such employers include, for example, municipalities, parishes, universities, universities of applied sciences, organisations and foundations. The training compensation does not apply to household employers.

The following are prerequisites for the training compensation:

  • You have devised a training plan in advance, that includes the training
  • The training is provided by the employer and it maintains and promotes the employee's professional competence
  • The training fulfils the requirements for its length and the employer pays the employee’s salary for the duration of the training.

If a pay subsidy has been granted for an employee's wage and salary costs, training compensation cannot be granted for that employee in question.

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