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Personal characteristics of an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship suits some people better than others. Certain personality traits, such as independence and innovativeness usually support it. However, not all entrepreneurs have the same characteristics, and it takes more than having suitable traits to make you an entrepreneur.

Different industries also set various requirements for entrepreneurs and their personality traits. For example, if your company designs new products, you need to be particularly innovative. Similarly, if you are running a company in the field of education and training, your business benefits if you are extroverted.


Independence is necessary for you as an entrepreneur, as you will often have to make decision on your own. Your work can also serve as a channel for self-expression. If you are afraid of the personal responsibility often related to entrepreneurship, you should consider team entrepreneurship.

Ability to take risks

As an entrepreneur, you must be able to tolerate uncertainty, and take risks related to your income, time management and coping. However, the risks you take should be well-thought-out and manageable.


As an entrepreneur, you are likely to have professional pride and a desire to show what you can do. You want to perform your job well and aim at constantly better results. You are also perseverant, responsible and confident.


Innovativeness supports your entrepreneurship. For example, this is apparent in your ability to react creatively or do things differently than what is conventional. If you are not personally innovative, you may find the innovativeness you need from your networks.

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Updated: 22/3/2019