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Entrepreneur's skills

When you establish a company, you must have enough knowledge and proficiency in the industry. Also get the required entrepreneurial skills. Keep developing your professional and entrepreneurial skills to make sure your company keeps up with the development.

Industry knowledge

As an entrepreneur, you need strong competence and proficiency in the industry in which your company operates. You may have built up the competence through previous paid employment, hobbies or studies.

When you know the industry well, you manage its operating approaches and technology related to the trade. You usually already have relationships with other agents and clients in the field. You also understand the most typical problems in the industry.

Entrepreneurial skills

As an entrepreneur, you obviously also need entrepreneurial skills. This means that, among other things, you must understand the principles of business operations and financial administration, and know what your obligations are as an entrepreneur. You must also be able to develop your ideas, plan your company's operations and lead your employees.

You can lower the threshold for becoming an entrepreneur, for instance, by completing an entrepreneurship qualification. You may also have to complete an entrepreneurship course or other entrepreneurship studies to apply for a start-up grant.

Development as an entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, you must constantly develop your proficiency, maintain your company’s competitiveness, and find new solutions for your business activities. Further and supplementary training in your industry provides new perspectives for your business.

You should also develop and maintain your entrepreneurial competence with courses, training and other entrepreneurship studies.Opens in a new window.

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Updated: 22/3/2019