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From a business idea to engaging in business

You can gradually develop your business idea into business activities. First, use your idea as a basis for a more concrete business concept. Then use your business concept to prepare a business plan and related financing and profitability calculations. If necessary, you should also prepare a market survey and competitor analysis that allows your company to find its place and gain competitive advantage in the market.

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Business concept

Your business concept describes how your company will engage in business in line with its business idea.

Business plan

The business plan indicates how your company will implement its business concept. Use your plan to describe issues such as your product, customers and market situation in the industry.

Market survey

A market survey provides a general view of the market your company is entering. It describes e.g. your customers’ needs and competitive situation.

Competitor analysis

A competitor analysis helps your company evaluate and anticipate what its competitors are doing. It helps your company find its place in the market.