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Ending your business activities in Finland

When the Finnish business operation of your foreign enterprise ends, please submit the following documents and handle the following tasks:

  • Submit a Notice of termination of business.
  • Re-check the total of your paid-in prepayments, in order to ensure that the total amount is right.
  • Make sure that you sent all VAT returns and payments, and reported all employer's contributions and paid them.
  • Submit your business’s tax return.

The termination notice form and business taxes

When your business enterprise is closing down its Finnish activity, you must send a completed Notice of termination to the Business Information System. You only need to send a single notice. After you have done so, both the Finnish Tax Administration and the Finnish Patent and Registration Office receive the information on the termination of your business. 

Make a check to ensure that the size of your prepayments has been right. When you have gone out of business, do not forget to submit the tax returns and pay the taxes that still are necessary.

Rules on the safekeeping of records on posted employees sent to Finland

If your foreign enterprise sent people as posted employees to work in Finland, keep the records that contain their identities and information on their posting for 2 years counting from the date when they come back from Finland.

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In collaboration with: Employment fund, Finnish Immigration Service, Finnish Workers' Compensation Center, Regional State Administrative Agency, Tax Administration
Updated: 30/11/2021