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Forms of rehabilitation and providers of rehabilitation services

If you cannot work because you have an illness, an impairment or a disability, you may get rehabilitation. The purpose of rehabilitation is to keep you fit for work, or help you get fit enough to work again. Rehabilitation can be given to people who are already working. It can also be given to people who want to work for the first time, or who have been away from work for a long time. Rehabilitation is defined in the law.

There are many types of rehabilitation: vocational rehabilitation may mean for exemple a work try-out, training for new tasks, additional training or re-training. It may be supported by medical rehabilitation.

If an illness or disability limits your functional capacity and negatively affects your daily life, you may be entitled to multiprofessional rehabilitation for individuals in a rehabilitation institution.

In social rehabilitation, the person being rehabilitated is trained to be able to function in everyday life. He/she will participate in group work and is given support for improving his/her interaction skills. Young adults are offered social rehabilitation in workshops, for example.

Rehabilitation courses aim to improve your physical and mental capacities for work. Rehabilitation psychotherapy helps you get back to work if you have had mental health problems.

Rehabilitation may also mean work activities, that municipalities organise together with the TE Offices. They are meant for jobseekers who have been unemployed for a long time or who are disabled.

If you are self-employed now, or were self-employed before your sick leave, your rehabilitation is mainly provided by your pension insurance company together with Kela. If you are not working and you have no right to rehabilitation supported by a pension insurance company, Kela will look after your rehabilitation.

If you have had an accident at work, an occupational illness or a road accident, accident and motor insurance companies look after your rehabilitation.

You can get public and private rehabilitation services. These include rehabilitation institutions, disability organisations, educational institutions, companies specialised in rehabilitation and private therapists. Public rehabilitation providers include health centres, hospitals, occupational health care, municipal social services and disability organisations.

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Updated: 3/30/2020