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Falling ill

In urgent cases, treatment is provided immediately. In non-urgent cases, treatment is provided within a specific time limit. All permanent residents of Finland have the right to receive compensation under the national sickness insurance scheme. The right to receive compensation may also be based on working in Finland. Sickness allowance is intended to compensate for the loss of earnings due to sickness. If you cannot work because you have an illness or a disability, you may get into a rehabilitation program. Read more about the subject on pages Rehabilitation services and financial support you can get when you are in rehabilitation.

In e-Authorizations, you can authorise someone else to act on your behalf in a pharmacy.

Sick leave, employment relationship and patient’s rights

If you have an illness that is considered serious or prohibits you from working for a prolonged period, you have to see a doctor.

Choosing a place of treatment

As a public healthcare client, you can choose your place of treatment when you require non-emergency care.

Mental health

If you or someone close to you has been feeling low for a long time, you should seek help.