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Termination of alternative civil service by the placement organisation

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The placement organisation can request termination of civil service, if the draftee is unable to attend service according to a medical statement or has committed a crime or behaved in a manner that makes the service unsafe.

The application can be made on medical grounds if the draftee has been on sick leave for over 14 days, either continuously or over several periods due to the same illness or injury.

The placement organisation can apply for discretionary termination of civil service if the draftee has committed a crime against the organisation or its staff, customer or property or behaved in a manner that substantially compromises the safety of the service or work.

Do the following

The placement organisation can request termination of the service by submitting a free-form application to the Centre.

A civil service draftee can be released from duty on health grounds (a long sick leave or multiple sick leaves occurring frequently). The application must be made in writing and include copies of all sick leave certificates or a medical statement.

If the request is made on other than health grounds, the application must contain a description of the incident based on which termination is requested.

The application should preferably also include the service draftee’s account of the matter. If the service draftee’s account is not provided in the application, the Centre will hear them separately.

The application processing time is approximately two weeks. If the service draftee’s account of the circumstances is not included in the application, processing may take longer.

To whom and on what terms

The Civilian Service Centre will hear both the service draftee and the placement organisation before issuing its decision. The service will continue until the Centre has issued a written decision on the application.

The service is free of charge.

Basic information

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Updated: 30/4/2021